13ª Conferência Latino-americana de Software Livre


Initiative MozActivate

Category Evangelism Product

URL http://latinoware.org/

Hashtag #mozillanalatinoware

Description Latinoware opens up space for discussion and reflection on the deployment of open source software in Latin America. The public consist among students, professionals and specialists from the area and also international celebrities and representatives from public and private agencies of different countries of Latin America. In the last edition, the event had 4.259 participants and 230 speakers in activities related the world of I.T. and free software.

Venue Parque Tecnológico Itaipu

City Foz do Iguacu

Region Paraná

Country Brazil


Promote and develop activities of Mozilla Activate campaign.


10 Programmers/developers are introduced to and are well on their way to learning Rust

30 Webcompat.com Reporter Add-on installs

50 Webcompat.com Compatibility issues filed

50 Test Pilot add-on installs

10 Blog post articles (Webcompat.com, Rust, Test Pilot, Report)

300 People who attended our talk(s)

500 People involved in a conversation/interaction during the event

10 Social Media - Webcompat - Influencers talk about

30 Social Media - Webcompat - Public Mentions

5 Social Media - Test Pilot - Influencers talk about

50 Social Media - Test Pilot - Public Mentions

3 Social Media - Rust - Influencers talk about

25 Social Media - Rust - Public Mentions

700 Social Media impressions


Web Compatibility - Let's fix It!

Geraldo Barros

Alcides Torres, Eduardo Barros

Web Compatibility is an open invitation to all developers, web users and browsers developers to come join the web compatibility. Learn how to make the Web a more compatible place with all and for all and best of all a super fun way! Report bugs and get help in solving compatibility issues on any website. The project is developed by volunteers around the world and supported by Mozilla in a global effort to make the Web better.

Add Super Powers to your Firefox

João Paulo Polles

Samuel Moraes, Eduardo Barros

Help build Firefox! Test new features and give your opinion about what you think. Firefox is developed for millions of users around the world with a mission to prioritize you, your privacy and the open web.

Diving in Rust

Samuel Moraes

Learn the future programming language! Rust is safe and will be widely used in Mozilla projects, such as the Servo, incredible new engine for browsers.

Privacy and Security on the Web

Samuel Moraes

Alcides Torres

As the Internet becomes increasingly integral part of everyday life, increasing doubts about Web privacy and security. Keep your personal information protected can be difficult, but following a few tips, you can avoid the vast majority of strokes , spyware and privacy violations.

Get Smart On the Web

Translation of Mozilla Firefox for Guarani in Desktops and Android

Alcides Torres

Rocio Meza, Susan Areco

Presentation browser Mozilla Firefox translated into Guarani, operation of translation teams and how to join our team!

Hackathon at Break out room


Web Compatibility Sprint

Test Pilot

Install Test Pilot


Dive Into Rust

Mozilla Community Staff

João Paulo Polles

Geraldo Barros

Eduardo Barros

Samuel Moraes

Alcides Javier Torres Gutt

Rocio Soledad Meza

Susan Areco

8 attending, including...