A Day of Virtual Reality

NOV 2016

Initiative MozActivate

Category WebVR

Hashtag #MozActivate, #WebVRCamp, @mozillavr

Description Learning of WebVR development using A-Frame framework

Venue Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida

City Noida

Region Haryana

Country India

  1. Introduction of Mozilla Clubs and Mozilla’s Mission

  2. Introduction of event organizers / speakers and welcome session for attendees with an ice

breaker activity

  1. Open Discussion on VR, WebVR and A-Frame (MozVR)

  2. Demo of basic A-Frame scenes & apps

  3. Getting started with A-Frame by developing simple A-Frame scene using basic primitives

  4. Explanation of Entity Component System and brief talk on github

  5. Break for Snacks

  6. Explanation of various A-Frame concepts & API

  7. A-Frame in depth and developing scenes using advanced concepts

  8. MozVRathon (Collective development of creative scenes in groups)

  9. Results of MozVRathon (Most creative/advanced scene Creator)

  10. Talk on A-Frame Community

  11. Discuss on takeaways, review and follow-up plan

  12. Happy Closing & Good Bye