Add-on Hackathon @CSIT


Initiative MozActivate

Category Addons

Hashtag #MozMPCG #Addonhack #Mozilla #MozillaIn

Description In this event, you will learn Add-on development. This event is for participants who already know HTML and JavaScript. This is an overnight hackathon and the targeted attendee will be first taught with the basis of add-on development and will be alloted with some of the topics on which they have to develop an add-on.

Venue Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of Technology

City Durg

Region Chattisgarh

Country India


  • Introduction to browser add-ons
  • Practical approach to add-on creation
  • Deployment of created add-on
  • Topic selection for Hackathon
  • Live coding session on add-on development
  • Hackathon starts For more details regarding the event please contact Rushita -+91 70493 11391