AE Fest

APR 2017

Initiative Other

Category Advocacy and policy


Hashtag #mozillaindore

Description AEFest 2017 Uniting the World with a Global Celebration of Events “5 days long festival, with a series of events from all the event categories, organised simultaneously in all the countries of the world, led by various organisers who are already making their city happening with best of the events.”

Venue Indore

City Indore

Region Madhya Pradesh

Country India

With a vision of making each and every city happening with events, #AEFest is a small initiative from our end to join hands with prominent and promising organizers from all over the world, associate with the events happening in various cities, celebrate a 5 days long festival (1st April to 5th April) and create a massive buzz about events all over the world happening during the span of these five days.

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