Android BBQ Amsterdam


Initiative Other

Category Firefox OS


Description Learn how new mobile OS vendors use the ASOP kernel and libraries by hacking a Flame smartphone with adb(1). A Firefox WebIDE based development environment will be introduced for working with these devices, and Estimate beacons will be available for experimentation with proximity services. Create a physical web if you like! Michael Schloh von Bennewitz, Computer Scientist will guide a beginning level Firefox OS workshop. Advancing into the mozBluetooth

Venue Black cube B.Amsterdam

City Amsterdam

Region Noord-Holland

Country Netherlands

APIs, participants will be introduced to proximity services using Beacons with Google APIs. The Android centric event will attract developers who learn that Firefox OS has a unique architecture with a Gonk layer that includes ASOP components like the Linux kernel, device drivers, and libraries.

GOALS We have the unique opportunity at this Android event to open minds to the Firefox OS while teaching development of web applications and encouraging use of open interfaces like those standardized by the W3C with Mozilla's strong participation. The goal of this engagement is to advance Mozilla's mission of spreading free use of Internet communication and mainting open web standards.

METRICS I plan to construct a happy meter which will measure the level of satisfaction. It will have four numbers, and participants can express their like (4) or dislike (1) by pressing a number. This device will be part of the workshop explanation, and readable over mozBluetooth from a Flame.