Firefox OS Apps Sprint - Nashik

JUN 2015

Initiative Firefox Marketplace Cafe

Category Apps

Hashtag #AppDaysNashik

Description Mozilla Apps Sprint have not been organized in Nashik till date. This event aims at introducing the community to FirefoxOS & Marketplace and share knowledge about the tools available to help developers get started building creative, innovative apps and submit them to the Marketplace & get recognized. Eventually, they would enter the quarterly app making/submitting scheme of Mozilla.

Venue Sofine Color Lab, Opp. Takle Jewellers, College Rd, Nashik

City Nashik

Region Maharashtra

Country India

Purpose of this event : 1. Help developers get started building Firefox Apps & get more people involved in the same.
2. Educate and encourage developers to work on HTML5 app and submit them to the Firefox Marketplace. 3. The overall format is a day that includes some tech talks followed by coding, followed by demos.

Targeted audience: Nashik Community members Count: 50