Firefox OS App Days USACH


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Category Firefox


Hashtag #FirefoxosUSACH

Description App Days USACH is a full of four sessions, starting in August 23rd and finishing in September 13th. Type of event: ‘hacks sessions’ for intermediate level developers. The goal of the App Day is to introduce Firefox OS and Firefox Marketplace, and share knowledge about the tools available to help developers get started building apps to submit to the Marketplace.

Venue Avenida Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins nº 3363

City Santiago


Country Chile


Hacks sessions for intermediate level developers

Firefox OS, doing awesome apps for the Open Web <3

  • Help developers get started building Firefox Apps
  • Educate and inspire developers to work on HTML5 apps and submit them to the Firefox Marketplace.
  • The overall format is the session of 3 saturdays that includes tech talks followed by coding, followed by demos.
  • Feel free to experiment with more interactive learning sessions.

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