App Hack Day in Jordan

SEP 2013

Category Apps, Campus, Developer Documentation, Firefox OS, Localization, Mozilla Leadership Network, People, Privacy, Security, Services, User Engagement, User Support (SUMO)


Hashtag #Mozilla_Jordan

Description Representative of Mozilla and Firefox ambassadors, an exclusive event to review the operating system, Firefox and the Mozilla open source community as the first event in 2013 to display the products of Mozilla Firefox . Special event in Jordan for Mozilla Community in Jordan

Venue TBD

City Amman

Region Middle East

Country Jordan

Mozilla Community in Jordan

We are planning to organize a huge event at Applied Science University, which includes several topics of interest to developers , end users layer and university students,this event will be in every year and is called App Hack Day in 14 September ,also we have official speakers are the ambassadors in all Jordanian universities.

Topics : Mozilla community FirefoxOS Mozilla and Wowen "" Firefox for Android Localization Extensions & Add-ons for Firefox Firefox Students Mozilla and People

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7 attending, including...