Firefox OS AppDays Cumaná

OCT 2014

Category Apps, Campus, Developer Tools, Firefox OS, Labs, Recruiting, Web Development

Hashtag #AppDayCumana

Description Cunamá, Venezuela, like many cities around the world will feel the rhythm of the most exciting project of recent years: Firefox OS. The purpose of this meetup is to help the whole community, particularly web developers and mobile discover this wonderful system and allow them to create a Firefox OS App.

Venue UPTOS Cumaná

City Cumaná

Area Sucre

Country or Region Venezuela


Firefox OS is an operating system designed for Smartphone hand over by the Mozilla Foundation. The objective of this operating system is to make the web technologies in smartphones. Firefox is completely designed on the basis of web technologies, including HTML, CSS, Java-script,

Registration link: Registration HERE!!!.

Materials Needed:

  • If you have a computer and you can watch the demo, Bring :-)

  • If you have an Android phone that supports Firefox Mobile, Bring :-)


  • 08:00AM -- Welcome
  • 08:10AM -- Breakfast
  • 09:00AM -- Introductory Talks
  • 09:00AM -- What are WebApps?
  • 09:15AM -- DEMO how to create an App
  • 09:30AM -- Deep Tech Talk about OS
  • 09:45AM -- Invitation to join MozVE
  • 10:00AM -- Short DEMOs
  • 10:30AM -- HACKING
  • 12:00PM -- LUNCH (it doesnt stop the HACKING)
  • 12:01PM -- HACKING
  • 04:00PM -- DEMOS (show off your app in 5 min)
  • 04:30PM -- Awards for the best Apps
  • 05:00PM -- Everyone goes home :)

Aditional information:

Introduction to Firefox OS.

Firefox OS Docs.

Firefox Apps Docs.