Beta Testing BugHunter - Ranchi 2

JUN 2019

Initiative Mozilla Reps - other in project initiative

Category Testing


Hashtag #NewFirefox

Description Become a Beta Testing BugHunter Mozilla is launching a NEW Android web browser and we need your help to get it ready for the free and open web. We’re asking YOU to become a fearless beta tester and BUG HUNTER to gather with friends and family, install this brand new browser and test it until you can test no more!

Venue CCD , Main Road , Ranchi

City Ranchi

Area Jharkhand

Country or Region India

Bug hunting is not for the faint of heart. It’s for people who LOVE technology and being the first person to have, use and try the newest thing.

Here’s how to become a BugHunting Hero: * Install it!* Use it every day * Throw parties to find and file bugs * Imagine and submit new feature requests * Hold a crash party - whoever crashes the browser the most during the event wins! * Be awesome! Get as many people to download this beta browser as you can!

*Installation instructions will be shown once you RSVP for this campaign here:

And report your bugs here: