Building a startup with Rust

OCT 2019

Initiative MozActivate - Dive into Rust

Category Evangelism Product


Hashtag #RustHack

Description The Rust programming language will be important to the future of the web, making it safe and great. The event is focused on introducing and teaching the 'Trust Rust can Entrust' on coding to Young developers and engineers who make the web better and more secure!.

Venue MongoDB, 1633 Broadway 38th floor

City New York

Area New York 10019

Country or Region United States

Full Length Talk: Building a startup with Rust

Brenden Matthews ( quit his job 6 months ago to build a new web business--a messaging app--and decided to build the entire backend with Rust. He'll discuss some of the good and bad parts about the Rust ecosystem, as well as some of the gotchas I encountered along the way.

Brenden's been writing code since he was 12 and this is his 6th startup (1st that he's cofounded). He began using Rust earlier this year and has also been contributing to open source projects for a number of years. It's something he's really passionate about.

Lightning talk Talk: Building a Gameboy Emulator in Rust

I've programmed a Gameboy Emulator in Rust and found it to be a really fun side-project. The talk would go into detail on how the emulator works, the technical problems I had to overcome, some of the advantages/disadvantages of using Rust over other languages for this project, and the future of the project. The source code can be found here

My name is Benjamin Konz, and I am a Data Engineer at Impact. By day, I write Scala code to detect ad fraud on the Forensiq team. By night, I try to improve my Gameboy Emulator and work on the Jeroo project! Jeroo is a programming learning tool for middle-high school students to help bridge the gap between visual programming and traditional programming languages. It uses OCaml and Typescript to create a brand new programming language learning environment.

Lightning talk Talk: Intro to Nushell

Nushell is a new take on the typical terminal shell. It draws on some of the aspects of Microsoft's PowerShell in using a richer object model rather than just pushing around strings. The object model is similar to that of the JSON standard.