Mozilla Celtic Language Hackathon


Initiative Other

Category Developer Tools

Hashtag #mozceltic

Description The Mozilla Celtic Language Hackathon is taking place at Bangor University in Bangor, Wales after the "Through Technological Means" Conference. The objective of this event to to bring the various Celtic languages and their localizations teams together. We will share experiences, ideas and of course localize Mozilla products. We will be discussing how to bring new Mozillians into the fold by teaching l10n skills, community building, and more.

Venue Bangor, Wales

City Bangor

Region Gwynedd#Gwynedd

Country United Kingdom


  • Ensure that current official projects are up-to-date for Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Breton, and Welsh.
  • Produce the first Firefox desktop language packs for Manx and Scots.
  • Discuss possible expansion of each locale's projects.
  • Organize sustainability plans for each locales, identifying succession paths and language resources (terminology databases, style guides, etc.).
  • Create Celtic "Academy of Languages" from group to set as Guides for localizers participating in small l10n teams.
  • Share common l10n practices and instruct on l10n workflows and toolchains.

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