CMR Marketplace Day

DEC 2015

Initiative Other

Category Code Contributions

Hashtag #CMRMarketplaceDay

Description The main agenda is to cover concepts which are pre-requisite for code-base contribution to open source projects. So if you are looking for getting started with code-base contribution, this is a good chance :)

Venue CMR Institute Of Technology, Hyderabad

City Hyderabad

Region Andhra Pradesh

Country India


09:30am – 09:45 am : Introduction & Ice breaker session. 09:45am - 10:30 am : Firefox OS, Marketplace, Ways to contribute to marketplace. 10:30am – 11:45 am : Marketplace Codebase : Linux, Terminal; Git & github; Bugzilla


12:30pm - 03:00 pm : Hands on Session

Target of the Hands on Session: ->Findinggood-first-bug ->Fixingthe bug ->Submittingthe pull request ->Gettingit reviewed from the team immediately ->Restartthe process and find n no. of bugs 03:00pm - 03:30 pm : Event review and session windup.