Common Voice - Voice Data Open Night

JUL 2018

Initiative Other

Category Evangelism Product


Hashtag cvtpe-voice-data-open-night

Description Common Voice is a free voice database project by Mozilla. After one and half year's hard work, on 29 June, we finally launch and start the collecting the Taiwanese Chinese voice data! Tonight, we will join with the engineers from Mozilla Common Voice and Deep Speech projects, to celebrate together, and talk about the interesting and difficulties of the project.

Venue Mozilla Taiwan Office

City Taipei

Region Taiwan

Country Taiwan

Who can join?

We welcome everyone with interest in language, voice recognition or open culture to join. No specific programming background required.

The talk will conduct in English. We will try our best to keep it simple and easy.

Please follow the Mozilla participation guideline

MozTW (Mozilla 台灣社群) / 台灣人工智慧社團 共同主辦