Contribution Pathways Punjab


Initiative Other

Category User Engagement

Hashtag #growpunjab #mozpunjab

Description This is a two days event As this is the beginning of the new session it will be a good oppurtunity for students to explore and associate themselves with Mozilla and apart from this the already existing students have the caliber and the will to learn innovate and brain storm the new untouched areas of technology.students are ever ready for such events as it will give them practical knowledge.

Venue Desh Bhagat University,

City Mandi Gobindgarh

Area Punjab

Country or Region India


Day 1

We will learn things necessary for getting started with code-base contribution

  • Mozilla Mission
  • Club Inaugration
  • Git & github
  • FOSS
  • Bugzilla
  • Introduction to Webmaker project.
  • Introduction and Demo on FirefoxOS.
  • Introduction to webmaker
  • Introduction to session of SUMO *. Introduction to L10n
  • Introduction to FSA
  • Introduction to WoMoz
  • Introduction to MLS
  • Introduction to MDN
  • Small session how they can protect their defaults in Window 10
  • Showing resources for Firefox OS app development
  • Group Photo
  • End of the party


  • Firefox OS Source Code Introduction
  • How to develop apps and host them on Store
  • Introduction to Web APIs,Web Sockets
  • Selection of top apps

Day 2

  • Contribution Pathways of FSA
  • Webmaker For Android
  • IRC
  • What can I do for mozilla session
  • Introduction to QA
  • Geolocation Stumbling (400Km)


7 attending, including...