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Hashtag coscup-2017-mozilla

Description COSCUP is the largest annual FLOSS conference in Asia, organized by local communities in Taiwan. The conference has sessions for new users, enthusiastic promoters, coders or anyone who is interested in cutting-edge FLOSS technologies. The goal is to create a friendly and informative environment for people from different communities to make friends, learn new technologies and inspire each other. A few Mozillians are the staff of the conference, include :bobchao

Venue College of Social Sciences Building, National Taiwan University

City Taipei City

Area Taipei City

Country or Region Taiwan

Mozilla Related events in COSCUP,

Mozilla booth

Hosted by MozTW Community, organized by @sddivid, demonstrating WebVR with Vive & give out stickers and promotion materials.

Tracks & Sessions -

A. "Art of Community Building" track - Co-operated by MozTW, lead by Irvin

  • Talk by BobChao - Building WebVR community - what was worked well, what has not?
  • Talk by Robert "Bob" Reyes - Building a Rust Community from Scratch
  • Talk by Gary Kwong - Eastern/Western cultural differences
  • Talk by Sammy Fung - 香港開源會議的六年辛酸

B. "Rust" track - operated by Rust community, lead by Kanru & Shing Lyu

  • Talk by Alex Crichton - The End of Unsafety: the Past, Present, and Future of the Rust Programming Languag
  • Talk by Poga - Writing Redis Module with Rust
  • Talk by Kanru - Porting C Library to Rust, 以 libchewing 為例
  • Talk by Shing Lyu - 用 Rust 寫 Python Interpreter
  • Workshop by Kanru & Shing Lyu - Rust Hands On

C. "Open Web Technologies" track - Operated by MozTW, Lead by othree

  • Talk by Gary Kwong - JavaScript Fuzzing in Mozilla, 2017

7 attending, including...