COSCUP x GNOME.Asia x openSUSE.Asia 2018


Initiative Other

Category Evangelism Mission


Hashtag coscup-2018-mozilla

Description COSCUP is the largest annual FLOSS conference in Asia, organized by local communities in Taiwan. The conference has sessions for new users, enthusiastic promoters, coders or anyone who is interested in cutting-edge FLOSS technologies. The goal is to create a friendly and informative environment for people from different communities to make friends, learn new technologies and inspire each other. A few Mozillians are the staff of the conference, include :bobchao

Venue International Building (IB), NTUST

City Taipei City

Region Taipei City

Country Taiwan

Mozilla Related events in COSCUP,

Mozilla booth

Hosted by MozTW Community, organized by @sddivid, demonstrating Commonn Voice & give out Firefox, Mozilla stickers and Internet Health Report promotion materials.

Tracks & Sessions -

A. "Internet Government & Digital Privacy" track - Co-hosted by MozTW and, Mozillians owner is Irvin

  • Talk by Irvin - Mozilla Internet Health Report

B. "Open Source Software Development & Management" track - hosted by Hackign Thursday (H4)

  • Talk by @tigercosmos - "Principle of Browser and Open Source Experience" talk about Servo
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