Data Privacy Day 2015 Mombasa

JAN 2016

Initiative Other

Category Security

Hashtag #privacymonth #advocate4privacy #Tip_of_the_Day

Description Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust is the theme for Data Privacy Day (DPD), an international effort held annually on January 28 to create awareness about the importance of privacy and protecting personal information. Data Privacy Day is part of a greater privacy awareness and education effort for digital citizens.

Venue Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies Mombasa

City Mombasa

Region Mombasa

Country Kenya

What will be covered:

  1. A brief overview of online privacy and its importance
  2. Safe browsing tips
  3. Hands-on session on Mozilla Lightbeam
  4. Discuss and teach the various privacy features in Firefox