Día Mozilla

APR 2015

Initiative Webmaker

Category Apps

URL https://eventos.mozilla-hispano.org/40/dia-mozilla...

Description The main objective of Mozilla's Day is to bring together contributors and users to deliver a series of lectures on the Mozilla projects and general topics of the web, Just as an activity to develop tools webmaker.

Venue UCLA

City Barquisimeto

Region Lara

Country Venezuela




  • The attendees split into groups to create brainstorming

  • Create a case study as a theme for the website *

  • Create board ideas to shape the content and structure of the page

  • Draw and color a sketch of the product development

  • Create a learner on dynamic HTML tags

  • Create accounts to upload remixes webmaker.org

  • Create the first remix using a meme

  • Create dynamic to learn about using CSS selectors

  • Learning about the attributes used in CSS and values

After Lunch:

  • Do more remixes on the platform

  • Brief study of supported video formats mozilla

  • Create a video about what they learned at the party

  • Create amazing video using popcorn

  • Share developments with other groups


  • Webmaker
  • Firefox OS
  • Firefox Desktop
  • Developer Tools