Dhaka WoMoz Day Out


Category Campus, Code Contributions, Diversity and Inclusion, Localization, Mozilla Leadership Network, People, Privacy, Public Relations, Recruiting, User Support (SUMO)

URL https://www.flickr.com/photos/126744892@N02/sets/7...

Hashtag #DhkWomozDayOut

Description We are working actively with WoMoz initiative and so far we manage to activate a few active womoz contributors who are currently contributing.

Venue Sampan, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

City Tejgaon

Region Dhaka

Country Bangladesh

we believe to achieve our 10x goal and to get more female contributors on board we need to be more inclusive and share our contribution experience , knowledge with eager potentials. That's why we will have a day out ! Bonding the current active contributor WoMoz and potential candidates to exchange views ideas and get to know more of the open culture practice. The event agenda will be something like this :

  1. Sharing active WoMoz's contribution stories
  2. Portray a Featured WoMoz
  3. An activity where we can assign them in groups for pathways wise tasks to discuss on how to engage more female contributors
  4. Open Discussion on challenges they face
  5. Closing
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