ECSL 2018 & MozActivate Day


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Category Evangelism Mission


Hashtag #ECSL2018

Description The Mozilla Central America community will participate in the 10th Central American Free Software Conference (ECSL) 2018 and in Mozilla Activate in San Salvador, both events in El salvador. The volunteers of Mozilla Centroamérica have coordinated to participate in both events contemplating multiple activities in search of community growth in the region. The activities of the two events will be: talks, workshops and stands, which will be presented by Mozillians.

Venue San Salvador

City San salvador

Area San Salvador

Country or Region El Salvador

Mozilla Central America

The central american mozilla community is participating in the X Central American Free Software Meeting, where we will be sharing our knowledge and experiences as a community. We will also present current topics that Mozilla is working on. During this space we will promoting the Mozilla Activate campaign and topics related to D&I.


Talks and conferences:

  • Introduction to the Mozilla community
  • How to participate in the community - Join the Mozilla community
  • Virtual reality for the open web
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Mozilla
  • Using & Testing Nightly
  • Servo: Let's build the web browser of the future together
  • Mozilla Common Voices


  • Programming web extensions
  • Dive into Rust: The Future of Systems Programming
  • Mozilla IOT
  • Virtual Reality and WebVR
  • Development of videogames for the web

Mozilla Stand:

  • Community projects
  • VR demos using AFrame
  • Video games for the web
  • Mozilla IOT demos
  • Information of the community

8 attending, including...