ECSL & MozActivate Day


Initiative MozActivate

Category Evangelism Product


Hashtag #MozActivate17

Description The Mozilla Central America community will participate in the 9th Central American Free Software Conference (ECSL) 2017 and in Mozilla Activate in Puntarenas, both events in Costa Rica. The volunteers of Mozilla Centroamérica have coordinated to participate in both events contemplating multiple activities in search of community growth in the region. The activities of the two events will be: talks, workshops and stands, which will be presented by Mozillians.

Venue UCR San Pedro, San José Costa Rica

City San José, Puntarenas

Region Pacífico Central

Country Costa Rica

At the UCR Pacific, it was possible to attract the attention of many students, who with the support of the teachers will organize online meetings to talk about community issues of mozilla, since they want to have their own community and to contribute their knowledge in Development topics.

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