Evangelism Reps Training & JSFoo Conference


Category Evangelism Product, Firefox OS, People, Public Relations, User Engagement, Web Development

URL https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SIGs/Evangelism_Reps...

Hashtag #MDNIndia #MDNTour #JSFoo #EvangelismReps

Description Evangelism Reps Training by: * Chris Heilmann * Robert Nyam * Ali Spivak

Venue TBD

City Bangalore

Region Karnataka

Country India

17-18 Sept, 2013:
* Train Mozilla India Evangelism reps to become better speakers
* Firefox OS demo & DocSprint training
20-21 Sept, 2013:
* Support Chris, Robert & Francois at their JSFoo talks
* Host the Mozilla booth & represent Mozilla at JSFoo
* Give demo & answer questions about Firefox OS, Persona etc.

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