FICAP - Fórum de Informática do CAP UNIGRANRIO

NOV 2012


Hashtag #ficap2012

Description Web Development event with focus on computer technician course students.

Venue Rua Prof. José de Souza Herdy, 1.160 - 25 de Agost

City Duque de Caxias

Region RJ

Country Brazil

The event will have about 100 students of a computer technician course and other interested local web devs. It will take place in a city from Rio de Janeiro's metropolis region.

I'll present a talk about FFOS and hack web apps for it. The public will be great to present this because they are young developers without boring works, they can freely use creativity and not worry about any market. I'm sure great apps can be make this way.

I'll try to incentivate them to start hacking for FFOS, and I'll check if it's possible to to make a contest with some swag rewards (like a t-shirt, buttons and stickers).