Firefox Apps Day Nairobi

FEB 2014

Category Apps, Firefox OS

Description Promote Firefox OS and do some hacking for Firefox Apps where the Participants will develop apps for Firefox OS and get them Published into the Marketplace.

Venue TBD

City Nairobi

Region Nairobi

Country Kenya


Participants will go through the development of a simple web app (using AngularJS), test out the app on the Firefox OS simulator and go through how to submit the app in the Firefox OS Marketplace.

After, participants will then proceed to develop web apps (or hack existing web apps) of their own (individually or preferably in teams) through the course of the day. At the end of which the apps will be reviewed and suggestions for changes and improvements given by fellow participants.

If you've already built a successful open web app (for mobile or desktop), we'd love to work with you on migrating your existing app or building a new one.


  1. All attendees are asked to bring their own laptops
  2. Have the Firefox OS simulator (add-on) installed on Firefox.
  3. If possible, have ideas of some cool apps you'd like to develop (you can work individually or as a team)


  1. Firefox OS Quick Start - (

  2. Creating Apps for Firefox OS - (

  3. Ideas For An App (

  4. Getting started with Open Web Apps – why and how - (

  5. Using WebAPIs to make the web layer more capable - (

  6. Introducing Web Activities - (

  7. What is a FirefoxOS App anyways? (video introduction) - (

  8. Learn about the latest Firefox OS Simulator - (https://hacks.mozilla. org/2013/03/firefox-os-simulator-previewing-version-3-0/)