Firefox for Internet Cafe -Mozilla Nigeria


Initiative Other

Category Firefox

Hashtag #mozillanigeria #firefoxforcybercafe #fsanigeria

Description Cybercafe are the most common platform through which student access the internet. The purpose of the event is to brand the cafe with Firefox Logo through posters and give swags to Firefox users accessing the internet at the Cybercafe. 5 days,5 Universities branding Cybercafe in 5 Campuses and sharing pictures on Social Media.

Venue Uinversity of Lagos.University of Ilorin.Ekiti State University,Olabisi Onabanjo Uinversity,Federal University of Technology FUTA.

City Lagos

Region South West Nigeria

Country Nigeria

This would be a week long event in which the Firefox Student Ambassadors in 5 Universities would be presenting the swags and placing Firefox posters at the Cybercafe.