Firefox for Windows 10 campaing - Santa Cruz

OCT 2015

Initiative Other

Category Firefox

Hashtag #FirefoxWin10

Description This event helps to retain Firefox Users on Windows 10. In support to Windows 10 Community Activation Campaign we are hosting this event, inviting lots of students and creating a booth to show and retain users. Also we'll show some love for Firefox OS Apps.

Venue UAGRM Av Bush Computer Lab.

City Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Region Santa Cruz

Country Bolivia


1.- Talk about Mozilla and the mision. 2.- Talk about Mozilla Bolivia 3.- Talk about the features of the new Firefox Release. 4.- Show how to restore or choose Firefox as a default browser in Windows 10. (this will be in a computer lab, where the students can see it in action!). And off course, show the importance about freedom, choise and privacy. 5.- Intro session to FSA, and how the students can be part of this program. 6.- Talk about the Firefox tools for Firefox OS App development. 7.- Share some love for Firefox OS.