Firefox OS App Days Hackathon - Bangalore

JAN 2013

Hashtag #FirefoxOSAppDaysIN

Description Developers gathering to hack around FirefoxOS, Web Apps, Web APIs.

Venue TBD

City Bangalore

Area Karnataka

Country or Region India

Firefox OS App Days Hackathon are a series of App Days which will take place over the course of approx one week in ~20 locations around the world. Objective(s):

  • A Hackathon for Mozilla's new mobile operating system FirefoxOS.
  • Present all current technological aspects of FirefoxOS, Web Apps & Web APIs, in order to develop mobile apps using web as a development platform.
  • Demonstrate grassroots developer momentum worldwide
  • Educate and inspire developers to work on apps and submit them to the Marketplace
  • Create opportunities for local developers to showcase their apps