Firefox OS App Train @ SUB

MAR 2015

Category Apps, Code Contributions, Firefox OS

Hashtag #SUBFxOSAppTrain

Description This is a day long training event on Firefox OS app development. Where participants can learn about Firefox OS app development. End of the event participants will come up with ideas of apps for Firefox OS. The event is organized by Stamford University Firefox Club.

Venue Stamford University Bangladesh, Siddeswari Campus, 51, Siddeswari Road, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh

City Dhaka

Region Dhaka

Country Bangladesh

Session plan:

  1. Introduction to Firefox OS App development
  2. Firefox OS UI,UX and API's
  3. Idea & Prototype Day
  4. Apps Development (Hard Code)

For more info / Coordinator:

Hossain Al Ikram, Stamford University Firefox Club +88 01681677117