Firefox OS Coffee on Villahermosa (1st edition)


Category Apps, Firefox OS, Open Badges, Recruiting, User Engagement


Hashtag #MozCafé

Description We're going to have a meeting with a small group of people at a local Coffee on Villahermosa to show Firefox OS and make some demos. The idea is to begin creating community about Firefox OS and eventually reach some app developers interested in the OS in Villahermosa. The Coffe's owner is a Free Software fan, so I think places like this one are particularly good hosts.

Venue Tanjarina Café, Villahermosa

City Villahermosa

Region Tabasco

Country Mexico

I'll show Firefox OS on Alcatel OneTouch Fire, ZTE Open, Geeksphone Keon and Peak devices.

Also, attendees will install Firefox OS simulator and some Firefox OS apps on their devices.

I'm want to continue doing this kind of Moz/Firefox/OS Coffee events on Villahermosa and some other places I used to visit. I think Alex Mayorga is doing MozCoffees at Monterrey with good results, so we can replicate and even improve the idea to reach people (in particular developers) interested on Mozilla's technologies.

1 attending, including...