Firefox OS Workshop UPTNM Ludovico Silva

DEC 2014

Category Apps, Campus, Developer Documentation, Developer Tools, Firefox OS, Labs, Localization, Location Services, Web Development

Hashtag #FFOSCAripito

Description In this workshop I will be giving a talk on development, integrating new partners for mozilla, application developers with local content for the platform firefoxos, disseminate new web technologies for an open web, this university still has not been given any event mozilla and there are students with good potential

Venue TBD

City Caripito

Region Monagas

Country Venezuela

I will drive 2 activities this event:

That is the mozilla foundation and how to help it grow?

Talk about Mozilla and Communites.

Building Firefox OS Apps

  • Frameworks availables for responsive design.

  • Best practices building FirefoxOS applications.

  • Privileges firefox os applications: the manifest.webapp.

  • Creating a web application using jquery mobile as framework.

  • Testing and install: Install firefox os simulator, install the app manager and Upload the application to a real device firefoxos and testing the application on the phone.

  • Market place: criteria for uploading applications to market place, applications that can be uploaded.