Firefox Products Online Localization


Initiative Other

Category Localization

Hashtag #moznp10n, #neNPl10n, #fxAndroidL10n

Description This is an 2-week long Online Localization Sprint for which the primary aim is: a) To Complete Firefox for Android Localization b) To Make Progress on the Localization of Firefox Desktop c) To Effectively make use and iterate Mozilla Style Guide for Localization. d) To motivate potential localizers.

Venue Online

City Kathmandu

Region Bagmati

Country Nepal

The immediate Goal of this program is to Complete Firefox for Andorid Localization and Enable Builds for Nepali Firefox for Android.

The non-immediate Goal is to complete localization of other products as listed on our priority list on wiki.

To make localization sustainable, we are also trying to create incentives to keep the potential localizers motivated so that they will take part in other l10n events which will happen on future.