Firefox Test Sprint, Dhaka


Initiative Other

Category Testing

Hashtag #mozqabdfxtestday

Description Firefox Test Sprint, Dhaka is a regional event to encourage contributors to contribute in QA . It will be an offsite event to help people to contribute in QA. Participant will be guided from the basic of Bugzilla to Testing bugs, Verifying bugs and some other aspects of QA . It is a 2 Days event and participants will be mentored all the way so that they can be comfortable with all the basic procedure of QA and can jump in to make Firefox better .

Venue Independent University Bangladesh

City Dhaka

Area Dhaka

Country or Region Bangladesh

Firefox Test Spint, Dhaka will be 2 day long testday which will be focused on teaching bug triage and verification skills, as well as identifying and removing barriers to contributing to QA. Event Plan of Firefox Test Sprint, Dhaka : Day 1 Introduction to QA (Quality Assurance) Introduction to Bugzilla Introduction to Bug Triage Bug Triaging Introduction to Moztrap Running and Creating Tests on Moztrap Introduction to Regression Finding Specific Builds, Specific Versions Day 2 Introduction to Bug Verification Performing Bug Verification Introduction to "One and Done" Introduction to Firefox OS QA Testing RTL (Right to Left) Intro to MLS (Mozilla Location Service) Guiding on how to contribute after this event via Participating on recurrent Bug Triage Day, Bug Verification Day.

14 attending, including...