First Regional Free Software Meeting

OCT 2019

Initiative Other

Category Evangelism Mission


Hashtag #mozgirardot

Description Overall objective: Promote the use of free software in the different communities of the region through various activities | Specific objectives: Offer conferences, workshops and talks with different actors of the free software community at regional and national level; Install software for free and legal; Promote the use and philosophy of free software.

Venue SENA Girardot

City Girardot

Area Cundinamarca

Country or Region Colombia

A conference with the badge will be held: a world behind mozilla - this in order to present mozilla as an opportunity to contribute to the world in protecting a healthy internet and collaborating with mozilla is wonderful.

The main purpose of this event is to promote the use of free software, making its philosophy, scope, progress and development known to the general public. To this end, the Center for Design Technology and Business Productivity Girardot will encourage the installation of free and totally free software on computers that are present at the site in a free and totally legal way. In addition, lectures, exhibitions and workshops on local, national themes in the field of free software are offered in parallel, in its full range of expressions: artistic, academic, business and social.