Flisol 2017 Jaboticabal

APR 2017

Initiative MozActivate

Category Addons

URL http://flisol.info/FLISOL2017/Brasil/Jaboticabal

Description Add-ons provide a safe, simple, and powerful way to personalize your browsing experience. With WebExtensions APIs, it’s easier than ever to create extensions that can be easily ported to Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera. We will show how to get started and then we'll help you to write your first WebExtension. The workshop will happen during the The Festival of Latin American Free Software Installation (FLISoL) (the largest reach event of of Free Software in Latin America).

Venue Unesp Jaboticabal (Via de Acesso Prof. Paulo Donato Castellane)

City Jaboticabal

Area São Paulo

Country or Region Brazil

Mozilla Activitie

Build Your Own WebExtension Add-on for Firefox

Event flow

Build Your Own WebExtension Add-on for Firefox


Workshop is attended by 30 peoples

100% of attendees successfully complete Part II of the activity

10% or more of attendees go on to complete Part III of the activity

100% of attendees receive the event follow-up email

1 attending, including...