Flisol Fusagasugá 2014

APR 2014

Category Evangelism Product, People, Recruiting, User Engagement

URL http://flisol.info/FLISOL2014/Colombia/Fusagasuga?...

Hashtag #FlisolFusa

Description FLISOL is an event created to promote the free software general use, and create interactions between users and developers. FLISOL happens simultaneously in several countries of Latin America. In Colombia several cities will host the FLISOL, this time we will attend the FLISOL event in Bogotá, Ibagué and Fusagasugá.

Venue Universidad de Cundinamarca

City Fusagasugá

Region Cundinamarca

Country Colombia


  • Building FirefoxOS apps

  • How to contribute to Mozilla project : Local communities, Mozilla Hispano, Mozilla Reps, Students embassadors.

  • Stand.

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