Flisol Fusagasugá 2015

APR 2015

Initiative Other

Category Apps

URL http://fusa.flisol.info/

Hashtag #FlisolFusa

Description The Latin American Festival of Free Software Installation (FLISoL) is the broadcast event Free Software largest in Latin America, was born in Colombia in 2005, and is now celebrated in over 20 countries and in over 100 cities worldwide. Its main objective is to promote the use of free software, revealing publicly his philosophy, scope, progress and development.

Venue Colegio Femenino Teodoro Aya Villaveces

City Fusagasugá

Region Cundinamarca

Country Colombia

FLISoL Fusagasugá has grown by leaps and bounds in Fusagasugá, and this year will be inproved and expanded:

We (as mozilla Reps) will have the following spaces:

a. 3 Conferences. - Miguel, Gloria and Giovanny will give a talk about a topic in the event.

b. 1 Stand - Mozilla will have a

c. Mozilla logos printed on flyers and promoted in the event campaing

Mozilla will sponsor this event.