FLISOL Paraguay - Ciudad del Este

APR 2015

Initiative Other

Category People

Hashtag #FlisolParaguay #MozPy

Description Latin America Festival of Free Software Installation where all the local Communties participate showing everything about Free Source and Free Software. Mozilla Paraguay Community will be showing all about Mozilla.The event will be in Privada del Este University of Presidente Franco City. http://2015.flisolpy.info/

Venue Universidad Privada del Este

City Ciudad del Este

Region Alto Paraná

Country Paraguay

The event is from 8:00 to 18:00. Will be all the Open Source Local Comunities. We have a physical space for our community

During the event, we will showing the Mozilla products, Firefox Plugins, showing in presentations about Firefox OS, Hello and constantly chatting with visitors and doing installations. This is like a fair of Free Software installations and presentations during all the day.