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Description FORTES 2013 (Fórum de Tecnologias & Engenharia de Software) is an event promoted by the Coordenaria de Desenvolvimento de Sistemas do Tribunal Regional Eleitoral de Tocantins. This event promotes the exchange of knowledge between IT professionals, and opens opportunities to innovations.

Venue Praça dos Girassóis, s/nº, Centro

City Palmas

Region Tocantins

Country Brazil

As Mozilla, our intention in this event is introduce FirefoxOS at the northern regions of Brazil, since our main activities are usually focused on São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre.

In the last year, FORTES reached over 300 subscriptions, hopefully, this year they will beat that number again, because in this edition, all you have to do to subscribe is donate 1 kg of non perishable goods.

Their main audience are people from the Government, since FORTES is organized by Tribunal Regional Eleitoral ("Regional Electoral Court") and IT students. I believe this is a great opportunity to start building relatioships with the northern Government and also to present FirefoxOS to many IT Students, in order to conquer more contributors and apps developers.