French-speaking community meetup



Hashtag #meetupmozfr

Description The French-speaking community is growing and now concerns over 15 countries. Over 200 people are working together easily because they share the same language, and they are contributing more and more. But sometimes, it's hard because of the distance, and because of the jet lag. So this event would be a fantastic way to share our knowledge, and to prepare the future events in these 15 countries, IRL. We would also work together on MDN, Webmaker, and of course, Firefox OS!

Venue 16 Boulevard Montmartre

City Paris

Region Ile de France

Country France

Moreover, at the same time, there will be a very important FLOSS Parisian event : "Pas Sage en Seine", so we could go there and show the image of what Mozilla is = an association which creates links between people all over the world.