Geek Faeries 2019


Initiative MozActivate - WebVR Camp

Category Community support / participation


Hashtag #gf2019

Description Geek Faeries is a French festival dedicated to geek culture since 2010, modeled Do It Yourself, dedicated to Internet culture and imaginary worlds. For the seventh edition, a village will be digital and we will-have a booth along with other open source. We were contacted to hold a booth and make demos of Firefox on desktop and free culture in 2015, 80% increase in attendance compared to 2014. In 2016, the event was canceled by decree of the prefecture because of the floods.It's 10 years

Venue Castle Selles sur cher

City Selles sur cher

Area Cher

Country or Region France

Talks :

  • Common voice

  • WebxR

Workshop (booth)

  • Common voice

  • WebVR

  • Containers

  • Firefox Send