Generation WE

AUG 2014

Category Firefox OS


Hashtag #GenWE

Description Is all about Technology, Cultural Understanding and Entrepreneurship. Mozilla has a space reserved besides Microsoft, Twitter, etc where almost 1000 young technology evangelists participate.

Venue JRC Convention Centre

City Hyderabad

Region Andhra Pradesh

Country India

The Event is a forum for conversation between a cross section of the youth, development experts and leaders with a goal of creating lasting societal impact. The event will provide a unique platform for the youth and the business world to bridge the gap by coming together to discuss Global Trends that affect our society and how we can cohesively solves the problems of tomorrow - today.

The Event will include panels and workshops attended by youth from across the top colleges of the city, business leaders, social activists, experts and online participants. The Youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, it is only justified that we realize the importance of their thought and the role they can play in shaping our Future. As pre event to promote Generation WE, we are organizing a series of talk show called THE LINK , which provide the students of the city an opportunity to interact with Veterans from various fields. From entrepreneur to social activists.

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