Geolocation in a Box: Bangalore

APR 2014

Category Evangelism Product, Firefox OS, Market Insights, Marketing, Services


Hashtag #mozGeo

Description This geolocation pilot event will evangelize the community to adopt MozStumbler & use it on daily basis to enrich the Mozilla location-service.

Venue Red Hat Premises, IBC Knowledge Center, Bannerghtta Main Road

City Bangalore

Region Karnataka

Country India


We need to send out the message why it is important to have an open location-service, which can be tremendously helpful for other FLOSS projects which can leverage from it (e.g. OSM).


The event will focus on the early-adopter target audience, who already have a good sense of geolocation, maps, traffic-data etc.

We'll break the event in two parts:

  • The promotion/demonstration of the Mozilla Location Service
  • Wander around the city with MozStumbler app on the devices


The MozStumbler leaderboard should be a good motivation to keep a healthy competition among the contributors. We also need to plan around the reward model for the contribution stats. Breaking in groups, we can cover a huge part of the city.

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