Geolocation in a Box: India


Category Evangelism Product, Firefox OS, Marketing, Market Insights, Metrics, Services


Hashtag #mozGeo

Description Following the success of the first pilot, this second geolocation pilot event will continue to evangelize the community to adopt MozStumbler & use it on daily basis to enrich the Mozilla location-service.

Venue TBD

City Bangalore

Area Karnataka

Country or Region India


We need spread the effort out to the remote areas & evangelize the community on why it is important to have an open location-service, which can be tremendously helpful for other FLOSS projects which can leverage from it (e.g. OSM).


The event will focus on the early-adopter target audience, who already have a good sense of geolocation, maps, traffic-data etc.

We'll break the week-long event in two parts:

  • The promotion/demonstration of the Mozilla Location Service
  • Scout around the country with MozStumbler app on the devices


The MozStumbler leaderboard should be a good motivation to keep a healthy competition among the contributors. We also need to plan around the reward model for the contribution stats. Breaking in groups, we can cover a huge part of the city.

6 attending, including...