Getting started contributing to Mozilla Code base

NOV 2016

Initiative Other

Category Firefox

Hashtag #mozcode

Description We'll learn about basics of development in Mozilla Firefox and then how to contribute to Mozilla Marionette code base.

Venue Hike Limited, World Mark 1, 4th Floor , Tower-A, Asset area no. 11, Hospitality District, Indira Gandhi International Airport, N, Delhi

City New Delhi

Region Delhi

Country India

Marionette is an automation driver for the gecko engine to write UI tests. With Marionette, one can replicate user actions and control either UI/JS of Gecko platform. This includes both the visible content of the page (content context) or the elements of the menu/ functions (chrome context).

In this talk, I'll be explaining it's usage in Firefox/Firefox OS explaining about Marionette & a little about Firefox Puppeteer. I hope with the basic knowledge of these, people would be able to contribute to Mozilla Firefox.

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of writing and executing test cases using pytest/unittest or any other framework.