Killer tips on webmaking (working title)

FEB 2013

Hashtag #sdcwebmaker

Description A talk about webmaker, the open web, and how to get started making websites. FuzzyFox is working with teachers at the college to create a talk that not only promotes the open web, and webmaker, but also includes some topics to aid the students encouraged to attend the talk with their studies. Still a work in progress...

Venue Sussex Downs College

City Lewes

Region East Sussex

Country United Kingdom

All numbers to be confirmed still... invites to be sent, talk to be created, all input welcomed.

Interested in some other simple to measure metric / feedback to be gained from this event... add it to the planning etherpad!

Note: I will have one or two of my old teachers from the college (the ones I am working on this with) on the pad too... so no details that are covered by the ReMo Agreement please.

1 attending, including...