Grow Goa


Category Apps, Campus, Firefox Mobile, Firefox OS, Hive Network, Mozilla Leadership Network, Privacy, Public Relations, Quality Assurance, Recruiting, User Support (SUMO)

Hashtag #GrowGoa

Description A 2 day event aimed at building and reinforcing a community in Goa. The event will help Mozillians gain and improve their skills in leadership, collaboration, community building and contribution, all while helping to expand the Mozilla community. The event will be a new session type which would be based on dividing the lot into small interest based groups.

Venue Goa, TBD

City Madgaon

Region Goa

Country India


Day 1:

  • Introduction to Open Source
  • About Mozilla-Mission and Manifesto.
  • Contribution pathways.
  • Inspiration from other Communities in building and sustaining as a regional community.
  • Introduction to Firefox OS- How is it different from other OS, Why promote Firefox OS devices, What are the different devices currently available in Indian market along with a demo of these devices.

Day 2:

  • Introduction to Webmaker project and integrating Community building.
  • Dividing into small interest based groups that would work on ideas and prototype it on paper.
  • Session on Web Literacy,Security and Privacy on the web, it's importance and Web literacy Mapper.
  • Informal meetup with club leads to build a road map of events followed by QnA sessions on how they could be supported in a better way.
  • Issuing Open badges to all attendees