Mozilla DevCon, Kashmir 2016


Initiative Other

Category Apps

Hashtag #GrowKashmir

Description A 2 day event with a motto of building a potential and self sustaining community at Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. Followed by sessions on Developer Engagement with introduction to Connected Devices.

Venue Srinagar

City Srinagar

Area Jammu and Kashmir

Country or Region India


Day 1:

  • Open Source Software and Importance
  • A session on Mozilla Mission and Manifesto.
  • A session on various platforms of contribution.
  • Interactive session on the methods for being a strong, independent and potential community.
  • Introduction to Firefox OS.
  • Introduction to Internet of Things.

Day 2:

  • Introduction to Arduino and Raspberry PI
  • Introduction to sensors
  • Services with sensors
  • Sensor and human analogy
  • Hands on with LDR, Ultrasonic, Heat sensor, Accelerometer
  • Arduino and Raspberry PI with Internet
  • Brainstorming on Ideas
  • Hands-on sessions with programmable boards.

7 attending, including...