Hands-on session on Version Control Systems using Git

MAR 2016

Initiative Other

Category Campus

Description Version control systems are essential for any form of distributed, collaborative development. For almost all the open source projects, Git is the basic knowledge that individuals need to be aware of to get involved in contributions. Through this event we would like to get people started with using Git and hence, start actual contributions to open source projects.

Venue MVIT

City Bangalore

Region Karnataka

Country India


  1. What is Version Control and why it is essential?
  2. Why Git?
  3. Hands-on session by following an example project.
  4. A real world example - Demo a use case with a Mozilla Ope Source project.


This event will focus mainly on the students of the CSE and ISE departments of the campus but students from any other department are welcome to attend this. Students will be asked to get their machines (Linux machines if possible but not necessarily). Students will register for the event prior to attending it, we will not be able to accommodate on-the-spot registrations due to limited seats. It shall be a free event with no cost required for registration.


1. Students will be able to use VCS for their own projects.

They can keep a backup of their code in an organized manner to improve their work efficiency and also, refrain from losing their complete projects because of a few bugs which creeped in and cannot be debugged by them.

2. Online repository of all the projects they have carried out independently.

Students will learn a way to save all their projects carried out independently and also, show these projects to the recruiters who’d like to hire them based on these.

3. Collaborate in group projects.

Students can collaborate with other interested people irrespective of their location or the communication medium

4. Contribute to a Mozilla Open Source project (or any other)

Students can start diving into open source projects of their interest and can start contributing, which is a great learning tool in itself