Hello Web


Initiative Other

Category Community support / participation

Description It is web designing event which aims to learning the web and designing it. We are giving the attendee sessions about what is the web and how it works then start giving them the technical skills needed to design the web through session and workshops then Forming teams of average five people and select ideas. Then letting them develop their web site with our mentors and start judging the web sites to position it.

Venue Almakan Cowork space

City Al Iskandariyah

Area Al Iskandariyah

Country or Region Egypt

Goals: - Promote the benefits of open source. - Help people in using the web to making the web. - Learning new skills like HTML, CSS, JS, php, My SQL, Thimble. - Teach web literacy through hands-on making. - Raise awareness about the power of the citizenship, mechanics and culture of the open web. - Help others get involved in Mozilla's mission to foster the open web.

Event Phases: - Preparatory Stage: introduction to Mozilla, open source, web and essential technical skills through sessions and workshops. - Teams Stage: the attendee forming teams of average five persons and get an idea for their project. - Development: Teams start on developing their project and we allocate experienced team of mentors and facilitators to help them. - Judgment Stage: Judgement on the participants projects.